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Visual imagery, over the years has become an integral part of our lives today. Wether we consciously observe, marvel, analyze, or tend to maintain an indiference, we simply can not escape the lure and onslaught of images in our daily lives.

Today, photography is undoubdtedly one of the most well known mediums of generating visual information. It is becoming a popular profession of choice, apart from being a gripping leisure time activity for many. The technology and accessability have also made image making a very democratic process.

Photography now is no longer an exclusive domain of professional photographers. Anyone with a basic snapshot camera, or even a phone camera and an intent can create their own personal narratives and poems. Professionals, at the same time, are increasingly commiting themselves to redefining their processes and the resultant outcome. This is undoubtedly a very interesting time in the history of photography, especially in the subcontinent, which is laden with layers and layers of text and subtext, waiting to be rediscovered and recontextualized.

We at the Academy for Photographic Excellence (Apex) are striving to become a resource center for photography at the regional level and impart photography education and facilities to any interested members of the community. We offer a wide range of programs covering various aspects and genres of photography, both theoretically and practically. Our programs cater to all photography enthusiasts ranging from beginners to advance level practitioners of the medium. .

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