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Rishabh Kumar

Diploma in Professional Photography Student, 2010
Apex means a lot to me. The knowledge I got from this institute is going to help in every part of my life. I came to this institute to learn the basic of photography, but liked this course so much that I decided to do the one year full time course. The teachers taught us how to think and conceptualize shoots. In short , think before you take a picture! The teachers encouraged and motivated us to take up the genre we were passionate about. I had a great one year learning photography in apex. I came to know about myself.


Diploma in Professional Photography Student, 2010
” It was by a chance that I ended up at Apex, provocated by a good response to my first photography exhibition. My stay at Apex gave me a chance to grow as an artist. When I compare my work from past to now, there is a tremendous change. And there is also a change in my vision to see the things. ”

Vikas singh Mor

Diploma in Professional Photography Student, 2010
I had joined APEX for a short – term course in Photography but I became so interested that I planned to take it up as a profession. The 1 year Diploma course was an enriching experience. The course taught us about all aspects of Photography like lighting, aesthetics and composition. It covered almost all generes of photography like fashion and glamour, product and food. Today I have got a good job at Fashion and you as a photographer. APEX helped me realize my dream of becoming a photographer

Kanika Yadav

Fast Track Foundation Course Student, 2010
It is such a brilliant and professionally presented programme. I feel delighted to have attended the course. It’s my first stint with photography and this course equipped me well to be able to use my camera to its capability. Also the faculty is awesome the way they explain everything is cool. I would recommend this course to everybody who has an interest in photography, it takes you to another level.

Meenakshi Arora

Fast Track Foundation Course Student, 2010
I joined the Fast Track course in April not knowing much about my camera and hoping that I would be able to use my camera knowing all the functions and how to make the best of external and internal features. Within the first few classes the teachers made me feel comfortable using my camera, which I was not sure would happen. Mr Sandeep Bali, Rishi Singhal and Amitabha Bhattacharya are amazing teachers. Ever keen to answer any question we may have no matter what they may be there by clearing our doubts in my mind. This course has been one of the best I have attended and would recommend to everyone I know. Thank you so much for making my camera a pleasure and no more of an ordeal.

Surpreet Kaur

Fast Track Foundation Course Student, 2010
I think it was best decision of my life to join this course. I was always clicking pictures earlier but now I am more comfortable with my camera. Faculty members here are excellent. I have never faced any problem which was not solved perfectly by them. I am looking forward to the workshops as well. Thanks for giving me such indepth knowledge in a short span of time

Shivendra Raizada

Fast Track Foundation Course Student, 2010
The Fast Track Foundation course at APEx is a well-structured course for beginners wanting to learn the basics in a short time span and be able to click better pictures, utilizing the functionalities of the camera to the best. In short the fast track course puts you on track fast.

Aarti Susan

Foundation Course Student, 2010
Here at APEx, I have learnt much more about photography. My interest lies mostly in the practical form, and I use to hate taking theoretical classes. But the classes here have made me interested in theory too. My interest in photography has grown because of this place. I enjoyed all the classes of every faculty. APEx has made my photography learning a wonderful journey.

Sushant Arora

One Year Diploma Student, 2009
Being a part of One Year Diploma course at APEx has given me a sense of accomplishment. The level of professionalism the academy has to offer in form of faculty, equipment and other resources is really commendable. Regular workshops from established Photographers and various assignments have given me a great deal of understanding about the multiple processes in Photography. It has truly been an exhilarating experience at APEx.

Imna Wapang Jamir

One Year Diploma Student, 2009
Academy for Photographic Excellence is place were you can allow your creativity to run freely. The teaching style and the approach are par excellence. The One year course has taught me all forms of photography. The faculty has made me so knowledgeable that now I am strong to face the challenges ahead.

Ravi Sharma

One Year Diploma Student, 2009
The best thing about APEx is that it takes us on regular shoots and has the best Mac Digital Lab. Along with professional training; I got to learn professionalism from APEx. The faculty here is very good. They always stand by our side and guide us to take courageous professional decisions.

Aditya Jain

One Year Diploma Student, 2009
Besides giving us education, APEx has evolved our thinking pattern and brushed our overall personality with photography skills. The 1 year Diploma programme has lot to offer to the students here at APEx. The Academy provides theoretical, as well as practical knowledge. Various workshops conducted at APEx have contributed to our learning process. The experienced faculty and well crafted curriculum give APEx an edge over other Photography academies. The practical training given by professionals in the Academy gives us the courage to enter the professional world.

Mahendra Bisht

One Year Diploma Student, 2008
When I joined the course I was a novice in the field of photography. Now at the conclusion of the course I think I am more confident about myself as a photographer. The one year diploma has been an enriching experience. I grasped the techniques of the outdoor as well as indoor shoots. I really liked working under Mr. Sundeep Bali and he taught us everything about the techniques/ technology. I also liked working with Mr. Amitabha Bhattacharya. It has been a nice association with everyone at the APEx.

Aman Sood

One Year Diploma Student, 2008
Before I took up the Diploma I did not know much about photography. Sundeep sir taught us all about photography. The academy has the infrastructure, Nikon and Canon systems required to conduct a Professional course. Diploma course has been really helpful for my career.

Shantanu Biswas

One Year Diploma Student, 2008
I was not completely sure about my skills last year so, I decided to take up the 1- year Diploma. Now I am quite well-versed with all the fundamentals of photography. During the course of the diploma we got to interact and learn from stalwarts like Pradeep Dasgupta, Avinash Pasricha, Munish Khanna, Hardesh Dhingra, etc. The institution has stocked both Nikon and Canon camera systems. All the faculty members are very good and worked really hard on us. I recommend the Diploma Course to all budding photographers who want to go the extra mile.

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