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India Song – A Presentation by Karen Knorr

Type: Exhibition
Date: 18 April 2011
Timings: 6:00 PM

Karen Knorr’s photographs are inspired by the ideas of power that underlie cultural heritage. Since 2008, she has been exploring these ideas in Indian context. Karen celebrates the rich visual culture, the foundation myths, and stories of northern India, focusing on Rajasthan and uses sacred and secular sites to consider caste, femininity and its relationship to the animal world. Animals photographed in sanctuaries, zoos and cities inhabit palaces, mausoleums and holy sites, interrogating Indian cultural heritage and its rigid hierarchies. Cranes, zebus, langurs, tigers and elephants mutate from princely pets to avatars of past feminine historic characters, blurring boundaries between reality and illusion and reinventing the Panchatantra for the 21st century.

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