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The APEx facilities are spread over three floors consisting of:

  1. A Digital Lab, with 10 Mac Stations, Nikon film scanner and an Epson 17” wide archival Ink-jet printer.
  2. A 150 sq. ft air-conditioned B&W darkroom for film processing and printing. The darkroom is equipped with Agfa & Fujimoto enlargers, lenses, negative carriers, easels, film processing tanks, spools, along with all necessary chemicals.
  3. A 1200 sq. ft air-conditioned Exhibition Gallery with channel-lights. At a time this space can contain 100 people for workshops and exhibitions.
  4. Fully equipped Studio with a range of lighting equipment (12 Prolinchrome heads 23/ 300/ 500, softboxes, umbrellas, honey comb grids, snoots, reflectors, extension rods, smart booms, floor stands & clamps, movable background system, paper backgrounds, strip lights, cutter stands, folding reflectors, etc.)
  5. A range of Canon and Nikon equipment (film & Digital SLR Cameras, lenses, speed lights, etc) available for student’s use.
  6. Spacious air-conditioned Classrooms
  7. Reference Library

Please contact us for more detailed information on hiring of any of the above mentioned facilities.

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