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The Art of Seeing” Workshop by Siddhartha Tawadey at APEX

Type: Workshop
Date: 4th Feb 2012 – 5th Feb 2012
Timings: 10:30 am – 5:30pm

The Art of Seeing

“Finding your Photographic Voice”

Photography is ultimately about truly seeing and developing your vision. The Art of Seeing is at the heart of great Photography. We can all develop technical skills with the ease of digital technology and photo editing software. Photography is also about how you see rather than what you see. This workshop will discuss your own personal style.

I have participants display their work so every participant has a work up for discussion. I would give some display guidelines for them to follow so the presentation looks good and importantly work be seen easily by all participants.

It is guided peer evaluation, I ask participants to avoid all judgmental comments. I stress description, analysis, and interpretation. These are comments that say what we see, why it makes an impression, and what it might mean or how it makes the viewer feel.

A Frank but motivational discussion and critique spread over 2 days of your photographic style and how to communicate your vision clearly. I will be an honest assessment where you’re at and talk about strategies for the next step toward continued success at the medium.

The workshop would help develop the statement of your work and embody the your goals and expectations in photography. It would offer an insight on the body of work you do, describe your creative process, you philosophy, vision, and passion.

The peer evaluation workshop will allow you to learn and deepen your understanding from not only from your own images, but also from images of other participants. Improvement in image making is almost always based upon the reactions we get from others after they look at and consider our work.

Objectives of The Workshop

  • To find your photographic Voice and Style
  • Review and overhaul of your photography process
  • Review and critique of past body of work, looking for threads and themes
  • Portfolio building or review, critique and analysis
  • To describe, interpret and analyze your Photography
  • To develop a deeper understanding of the visual legacy of Photography.
  • To express a theme or subject in the most effective manner.
  • Learn the art of evaluation of a Photograph.
  • Improve your visual thinking and understanding
  • To learn to observe more accurately.
  • To develop your imagination.

About Siddhartha Tawadey

Born in Kolkata, India in 1975, Siddhartha Tawadey is a video and photography artist who studied at St. Martins School of Design (London 2008) and City University (London 2009). He has just finished an MFA Art residency in School of Visual Arts in New York and had a solo Photography and Experimental Film show at the prestigious Bose Pacia gallery in New York. He has participated in group and solo exhibitions internationally and has been the recipient of many awards.

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